• Today’s job market is posting challenging opportunities. Employers are increasingly very anxious to challenge because of the evolving conditions
  • Majority of the competitors are using the old-fashioned resumes. Jobseeker should understand your goals, target job, skills, experience, and understand all aspects about self
  • You should understand who you really are, what you really want, and what you really don’t want. The next step is to understand about the target employers’ needs
  • Next, jobseeker should polish the marketing skills and understand what makes you the best choice for the job
  • Huge competition for the jobs (jobs openings vs job applicants) and recruiters are having a tricky situation to reach qualified job seekers
  • The following are some facts about the resumes. Majority of the resumes have glanced 5 seconds and about 90% are discarded and about 5% resumes are discarded after 2 mins. Remaining 5% resumes qualifies for a detailed review and will move to the next steps if there is a potential
  • Strategically prepared resume can significantly increase your resume’s response significantly and significantly decrease your job search time by getting hired quickly
  • Jobseeker should have a professional resume, cover letter, personal branding statement, executive career biography, and LinkedIn profile along with other vital details wish you a great success in your job search and see you landing in your dream job!