Just now you have completed the interview process. Now what? You should follow up after the interview. This will help you from two ways. Initially your follow-up helps you to show how interested and committed are you to the job. You should thank the people who spent their time talking to you. Worst-case, you are making new professional connections. Your follow-up can push the hiring manager of the job you wanted to get and push the process forward. Worst-case, your follow-up may bring the transparency and you might end get the closure. This allows you to focus on another job so that you can move forward. You can cover the following aspects in your follow up after the interview:

Next Steps

You should ask about the next steps at the end the interview. Recruiters will expect that question and it shows that you an action driven professional.

Connect via Linkedin

You can ask if you can connect via Linkedin and please do this immediately.

Thank You Note

Send out the “thank you” note as soon as possible. If possible, send the “thank you” note before you leave the interview place. The reason for this is to send the “thank you” note before they make a final decision. It helps you if you are on the borderline and gives you some edge over others.