Choose the right path

The first step for a fresher is to “choose the right path” before start searching job. Identify your strengths and development needs. Most importantly, identify the area that makes you enjoy while working. Are you techy? Do you enjoy meeting people? Sales or marketing excites you? Identifying your passion is the bottom-line. You may review the various career path: Link to Career Paths

Resume Preparation

You have identified your passion and you know what is your target career. Now what? As a fresher obviously, you do not have the experience. Here is the approach you should take to prepare your resume. As a first step, identify anything you have done so far related to your targeted career. This could be a volunteer work you might have done, you have worked as an intern, you might have done a project during your college, or any trainings you might have attended. You can list all of these along with your educational credentials. Please make sure your resume short and sweet.

Your Academic Projects

Since you do not have experience as a fresher, you can talk about your academic projects. Please make sure you know about your projects inside out and present the, well with confidence. Your confidence and communication will play a major role for you to land in your first job.

Know about the company

Spend good amount of time in researching and understanding the company that you are going for an interview. Interviewer would like to hear from you the details about their company and how you understood about what they do. Your preparing will show how much you are interested and motivated.

Online Presence

It is very common that interviewer or employer checks your social media presence. Please ensure that your social media presence is decent. Maintain a LinkedIn profile, even if you don’t have work experience. LinkedIn has a public part of the profile that shows up when someone searches your name.

Prepare well to introduce your self

Most people get nervous before interviews. And nerves can cause you some stress during even normal interactions. You should research little bit and practice. Please focus on what interviewer is asking and how to answer them precisely to those questions. Please be prepared with the examples and data. wish you all the best for your job hunting!!