Preparing for the interview will play a key role in securing the job. Preparation for the interview is must even if you are an experienced professional or fresher. The following 8 steps are the key factors to a successful interview:

Understanding Job Description

This may sound simple but this step is important. You should read the job description in detail and understand every possible aspect. Job description will give you the indication of the problem that organization is trying to solve and the reason for this role.

Research the organization

Spend good amount of time in researching and understanding the company that you are going for an interview. Interviewer would like to hear from you the details about their company and how you understood about what they do. Your preparing will show how much you are interested and motivated.

Compare your skills and qualifications to the job requirements

It is almost impossible to match your skills and qualifications to the job requirements. Most of the times hiring managers describes their wish list at the time of posting the job. Majority of the times they look for the closest match possible to the skills and qualifications of the job requirements. You should figure out a way to highlight your strengths and explain how you can bridge the gap if you are missing few skills as per the job posting.

Plan what to wear

First, please wear something that gives a professional appearance. You should wear formal dress. Please understand that you are marketing your skills and experience and trying to land in your next job.

Plan what to bring

You should come across as organized. You should bring copies of your resumes, pen, notepad, references, questions, folder or briefcase.

Pay attention to body language

Body language plays in key role in the interview process. You should sit straight, use your hands, and don't be serious during the interview process. In addition to that be positive, don't be defensive, and try to match to interview style.